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  • VTP Series – Reliable and efficient, Vertical, Multi stage, Diffuser type, Frame mounted pump designed as per manufacturer standard to pump water and lightly contaminated liquids.


  • Specification
    Flow Range upto 1485 m³/hr
    Head Range Max. 150 m
    Working Temperature -15°C to +104°C

    Suction Depth

    Suction Depth
    40 mtrs 150 mm Column Assy
    30 mtrs 400 mm Column Assy

    Material of Construction

    Material of Construction
    Pump Casing CI
    Impeller Cast iron/ Bronze / SS
    Shaft SS


    • Raw Water Intake
    • Fire fighting
    • Municipal
    • Irrigation
    • Potable water supply
    • Pumping Station
    • Cooling water
    • Power generation
    • Drainage

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