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    Model KP1 060-110191
    Range -0.2/+7.5bar
    Differential 0.7/4bar Press.
    Connection 1/4 flare extra
    Contact type SPDT Ip44

  • A pressure switch can be used in a wide range of domestic and commercial applications as listed below:

    HVAC, Well pump & Furnaces

    • HVAC, gas cylinders, air pumps, etc. use air compressor pressure switches to monitor and control the system’s air pressure.
    • Oil pressure switches are used by engines as an actuator or sensor to determine when the engine’s oil pressure has dropped below the preset level.
    • Well pump pressure switches are used in residential and commercial buildings to bring water from the well and ensure that there is enough water pressure in the system to provide water without being over-pressurized.
    • Water pump pressure switches in residential, commercial, and agricultural applications auto-regulate water flow.
    • Vacuum pressure switches measure vacuum or negative pressure in the system. They are in residential boilers, electric heaters, air compressors, and transmission systems.


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