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  • Gate valves are multi turn ON-OFF valves with metal seat. Has high population in process industry. Suitable for any type of fluid, any temperature range.

    Manufactured in wide range material of construction, still wider range of trims to suit varied application. Size range with high population is from 2″ to 24″

    in cast steel version.


  • Size DN50 , DN300
    Type Bolted Bonnet, OS & Y, Flexible Wedge
    Rating Class 150, Class 300 & Class 600

General design and manufacture API 600
Valve face to face dimension ASME B 16.10
Pressure & Temperature Rating ASME B 16.34
Flange Standard Conformity ASME B 16.5
Testing API 598
Trim & Seating surface as per API 600 Standard






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