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    he fluorinated polymers are widely appreciated for their remarkable chemical inertness and their excellent resistance to aging.

    Polyvinylidene fluoride offers the specific advantage of easy processing in accordance with all the convection methods used in

    the plastic industry. PVDF, polymerized according to its own special process, offers a high degree of crystallinity to that by other

    processes, resulting among other things in superior thermomechanical properties. The intrinsic technical superiority is one of

    the reasons for the success which PVDF has achieved on the world market for morethen 25 years.

    Chemically inert to most acids, aliphatic and aromatic organic compounds, chlorinated solvents, alcohols, etc.

    Excellent mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures :tensile yield strength up to 55 MPa at 23ºC and 10 MPa at 150º C.

    Abrasion resistance comparable to that of polyamides, and relatively low coefficient of friction.

    Excellent intrinsic fire resistance.

    Excellent thermal aging resistance : tensil yield strength retention over 90% after 25,000 hours at 150ºC in a ventilated oven.

    Continuous use temperatures as high as 150ºC for the homopolymer grades with out mechanical stress.

    Unaffected by UV (>232nm) and good resistance to gamma radiation.

    Physiologically harmless and approved for contact with foodproducts (FDA)

     Thick walled casing liner and back plate is made of PVDFCasing liner, Back Plate and impeller

    Replaceable Casing liner

    Semi-open impeller

    A large metal insert in the PVDF

    impeller increases mechanical strength


  • Flow rate up to 300m3/Hr.

    Head up to 90 mtrs liquid column.

    Pumps size chosen in accordance with ISO/DIN enable economical spare parts stocking

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