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    C.R.I. Deep well Jet Centrifugal pumpsets volute chamber and impellers are designed to give

    the best possible hydraulic efficiency and suction lift characteristics. These pumpsets are

    powered by a totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) and screen protected drip proof (SPDP), AC

    induction two pole motor suitable for continuous duty. Motor stator is made of low watt loss

    silicon steel laminations. The windings are of high-grade enameled copper wire and are

    varnish impregnated. Construction of motor frames and usage of quality materials result in

    high performance and low temperature rise thereby increasing the life cycle of the motor.

    C.R.I. Deep well Jet Centrifugal are available in twin type and packer type versions. Packer

    type is suitable for 50mm  and 75mm  borewells and twin type is suitable for

    borewells with a diameter of 75mm  and above. In twin type jet pumpsets, there are

    two pipes viz. suction pipe and pressure pipe which connects the jet assembly to the pump.

    Pressurised water flows through the pressure pipe to the nozzle from the pump casing.

    Water sucked through the footvalve and the water passing through the nozzle mix together

    and flow through the suction pipe into the pump, and for packer type Jet pumps, the casing

    of tube well does the function of pressure pipe, ie. pressurised water flows through the tube

    well casing and enters the nozzle. Hence, one pipe is eliminated.


    • Domestic
    • Farms
    • Gardens
    • Civil applications


    Clean, thin, non-aggressive, non explosive, clear, cold, fresh water without abrasives, solid particles or fiber having the following characteristics.


    • Dynamically balanced rotating parts including rotor and impeller
    • Balanced and rigid construction
    • Single shaft ensures permanent & correct alignment.
    • Inbuilt thermal over load protector in all single-phase pumpsets
    • Good suction lift characteristics
    • High operating efficiency results in lower power consumption

    Power 0.37kW to 1.1kW (0.5 HP – 1.5 HP)
    Speed 2880 RPM
    Versions Single-phase 220 – 240V, 50Hz, AC supply (Permanent Split Capacitor – PSC). Three-phase 380 – 415V 50Hz, AC supply.
    Maximum flow rate Upto 0.83 lps (3m3 /hr)
    Degree of protection IP 44 / IP 54
    Direction of rotation Clockwise from driving end. Counter clockwise from driving end (A18, A19, A40, A41)
    Class of insulation B / E
    Type of duty S1 (Continuous)
    Maximum suction lift 61 metre
    Type of duty S1 (Continuous)
    Nominal pumpset size (Suction x Pressure x Delivery) 25 x 20 x 25, 25 x 25 x 25 32 x 25 x 25 & 40 x 32 x 25 mm

    Material of Construction

    Material of Construction
    Part Name Material
    Rear cover / Bracket Cast Iron
    Motor Frame Cast iron / Aluminium
    Shaft SS AISI 410
    Impeller Cast iron / Bronze / Polypropylene
    Pump casing Cast iron
    Sealing Mechanical Seal (Carbon & Ceramic)


    Maximum liquid temperature 33°C (max.)
    Permissible amount of sand 25g/m³ (max.)
    Allowable solid 3000 ppm (max.)
    Chlorine ion density 500 ppm (max.)
    Turbidity 50-ppm silica scale (max.)
    Hardness (Drinking water) 300 ppm (max.)
    Specific gravity 1.004 (max.)
    Viscosity 1.75 x 10 m2/sec (max.)
    pH Value 6.5 to 8.5

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