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  • C.R.I. 80 mm (3″) Borewell Submersible pumpsets is firmly coupled to a submersible electric

    motor which operates submerged beneath the surface of water. Built-in check valve

    prevents back flow and reduces the risk of water hammering.

    • Domestic and municipal water supply
    • Rural water supply
    • Irrigation
    • Sprinkler system
    • Pressure boosting units and Fire fighting system
    • Industrial and mining application
    • Fountains
    • Ponds and Gardens


    Clean, thin, non-aggressive, non explosive, clear, cold, fresh water without abrasives, solid particles or fiber having the following characteristics.

    • Motor portion covered with corrosive resistance Stainless Steel (SS 304) shell
    • Floating impeller design prevents blockage
    • More longevity and hygiene
    • High operating efficiency
    • Specially designed thrust bearing to withstand high axial thrust load
    • Extremely hardwearing water lubricated bearing
    • Easy to dismantle & repair
    • Fitted with imported thermal overload protector in single phase motor

    Power range 0.37 kW  1.1 kW (0.5HP-1.5 HP)
    Speed 2850 RPM
    Version Single-phase, 200 – 240V, 50Hz AC supply
    Maximum total head 125 metre
    Maximum flow rate 5.4 m3 /h
    Maximum outer diameter in mm 78 mm
    Nominal outlet size in inches 25,32 & 40 mm
    Degree of Protection IP 58
    Direction of Rotation Counter Clockwise from driving end.
    Thrust Load 650 lbs.
    Minimum cooling flow along the motor 0.15 m/sec
    Type of duty S1 (Continuous)
    Method of starting Capacitor Start and Capacitor Run (CSCR)
    Maximum starts per hour 20 times.

    Characteristics Of Clear Cold Water

    Maximum liquid temperature 33°C max
    Permissible amount of sand 25 g/m³
    Allowable solids 3000 ppm (max.)
    Chloride ion density 500 ppm (max.)
    Turbidity 50 ppm silica scale (max.)
    Hardness (Drinking water) 300 ppm (max.)
    Specific gravity 1.004 (max.)
    Viscosity 1.75 x 10 m²/sec (max.)
    pH Value 6.5 to 8.5

    Materials of Construction

    Material of Construction of Pump
    Part Name Material
    Check Valve housing Cast Iron
    Check Valve Delrin
    Check Valve seat Nitrile butyl rubber
    Outer shell SS – 304 / SS (DIN 1.4509)
    Impeller Noryl
    Diffuser chamber Noryl
    Stop ring Hylem
    Intermediate bearing (Sleeve / Bush) SS 304 / NBR
    Suction inter connector Cast iron
    Pump shaft SS 304
    Coupling SS 410


    Material of Construction of Motor
    Part Name Material
    Shaft seal Nitrile butyl rubber
    Stator Shell SS – 304 / SS (DIN 1.4509)
    Thrust pad Graphite Carbon
    Thrust base SS 420
    Diaphragm High Nitrile butyl rubber
    Motor base Cost iron
    Shaft SS 410



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