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  • Equipped with an automatic reset motor protector/heavy duty bearing High efficient copper wound motor / In-build lip seal to prevent ingress of slit / With / Without float switch.


  • Draining sewage water from hotels, houses, commercial building, complexes etc. / Pumping waste water in industries /

    Pumping sewage water from stock farm and manhole sewage / sewage treatment plant / pumping municipal sewage

    water / Septic tank / Leather factories


  •  Power range  0.37 – 1.5 kw (1 phase)
    0.37 – 7.5 kw (3 phase)
     Speed  2850 rpm
     Degree of protection  IP 68
     Motor type  Oil – Filled / Dry
     Impeller type  Semi open / Vortex
     Insulation type  “F” Class
     Version  A.C. 50Hz (230V-1 Phase / 415V – 3 Phase)
     Direction of rotation  Clock wise (when viewed from driving end)
     Duty  S1 Continuous




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