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    • C.R.I. Vertical multi-stage pump maximize performance, demonstrates high degree of consistency and is economical.
    • Pumps with VFD lasts longer as they can adjust the work load to meet the system requirement.
    • Extremely quiet and low vibration when in operation. The smooth, automated start andstop , reduces water hammer.
    • It also serves as the best replacement for the traditional roof tank water supply way, which is a source of water pollution.
    • It avoids water pollution caused by roof tanks.


  • Operation Ranges
    Flow Range upto 540m³/hr
    Power Range 0.37-45kw
    Input Supply 3 Phase, 415v, 50Hz
    Head Range upto 160m
    Water Temperature 0°C to +70°C
    Max. Working Pressure 16bar
    Ambient Temperature 40°C


    • Integrated variable Frequency drive control panel operates the pumps in an alternative and sequential fashion to maintain the uniform pressure.
    • The operation of the system starts, when the pressure transmitter signals PLC/VFD , when the demand value is lesser than the set pressure value.
    • Frequency command is based on differences in the set pressure and actual pressure, when the pressure difference less than the proportional less value is given as the frequency signal direct to VFD.
    • Pump alteration / cascading are done automatically with respect to setting on VFD / HMI.
    • When the actual pressure reaches more than the set pressure value then system stops, the run command is taken off and VFD stops.
    • Again the system scans repeatedly for drop in actual pressure and repeats the process.


  • Constant pressure of water supply for Hotel, Apartments, Commercial buildings & Industries & Hospitals.


    • Sophisticated water pressure throughout the building round the clock and ensure Efficient & Constant water pressure Management.
    • Lesser running cost than the conventional systems.
    • Control panel with VFD, PLC & Pressure Transmitter to meet the end – user’s requirement.
    • Reputed make Variable frequency Drive (VFD) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to regulate the speed of the duty pump as per the require flow rate to maintain constant pressure.
    • Considerable saving in power & Plumbing Cost.
    • No manual interference to operate the plumbing system.
    • No OHT or OHR required
    • Low noise & Vibration level, tough & reliable , low operating & maintenance cost.
    • High operating efficiency.
    • The complete system gets assembled in compact, well mounted on a single rigid base.
    • Occupies lesser space for installation because of its sturdy and compact design.

    Pump Operational Features: Floating inventor – cascading – Faulty Pump isolation – Elapsed Running Hours – Maintenance call / Life Timer – Graphical Status Indication – Manual Operation – Soft Start

    Pressure Feedback Features: Actual pressure setting – Set point setting – Calibration – Pressure Delivery & demand indication – Low & High Pressure pressure cut off.

    Protection Functions : Pump dry run – Single phase prevention – Pump Overload – Emergency Off – Limit ON/OFF frequency – Three level passwords – Phase reversal preventer.

    Alarms – Visual / Audible: Pump dry run- Faulty pump – Limit ON / OFF frequency – Single phase prevention – Pump overload – Emergency off – Phase sequence – VFD Fault – Phase reversal preventer

    Communication: Modbus RS 485 (Optional –Ethernet – BACnet – CANOpen)

    ** Other than above features and controls, customized specifications also can be made on requestNote: Some of the above features may not be available in the without PLC Design.

    System Piping

    The suction & delivery mainfold shall be fabricated on MS/GI/SS. Both manifolds designed to attach themselves to the system piping at both end of the manifold. This manifold consist a glycerin filled pressure gauge and stainless steel pressure transmitter range with the 0-16 bar in delivery portion and pressure switch / float switch (optional) for low suction pressure detection in suction portion.


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